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Project Description The lack of affordable housing is a national problem. It is particularly acute in underserved communities that have suffered from disinvestment, structural inequality, and environmental impacts due to climate change. The Duffyfield neighborhood in New Bern, NC has a rich history as a vibrant and resilient African-American community Read more
  Project Description The lack of affordable housing is a national problem. There is also a significant need for affordable, adaptable, and alternative housing options for university students. In the past decade, or so, there has been an emphasis on boutique university housing that includes a range of luxury amenities. Read more
Veteran homelessness is a state and national problem. The North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness has a particular focus on ending veteran homelessness in North Carolina. One contemporary solution to veteran homelessness are micro house villages. Micro houses are small, complete, single dwellings that range from 150 – 400 square Read more
HOMES FOR ARTISTS | Affordable Housing to Support Creative Communities in Raleigh As Raleigh and the Triangle Area continue to grow so do its housing needs. Raleigh is attracting new residents who are drawn to its cultural amenities and its entrepreneurial spirit and are looking for ways to live affordably Read more
Advanced Design Studio | Fall 2014 The Mordecai Backyard Cottage Project was a research and design project conducted by the School of Architecture at NC State University. Faculty and students worked collaboratively with residents of the Mordecai community to envision a range of possibilities for backyard cottages and conducted research Read more
Advanced Design Studio | Spring 2014 This studio researched, investigated and designed multifamily affordable housing in the context of cultural, economic and environmental sustainability. The research included precedents of contemporary affordable housing, and theoretical readings focused on the cultural contexts of housing and sustainable and social practices. Exercises and projects Read more
AIA NC Center for Architecture + Design | Tuesday, April 1, 2014 | 4.00 – 6.00pm This interactive presentation and panel discussion focused on the full spectrum of issues that constitute affordability (including but going beyond subsidy programs)  – location, transportation and services, land acquisition, financing, energy and sustainability, materials Read more
The Person Street Project was a research and design project conducted by faculty and senior students from the School of Architecture at NC State University fall semester 2011. The semester-long project focused on the Person Street commercial area near downtown Raleigh and adjacent to the Oakwood and Mordecai residential and historic districts. The studio Read more
Habitat House
The Habitat for Humanity of Wake County Affordable Housing Project was a research and design project conducted by faculty and graduate students from the School of Architecture at NC State University. The project included research on recent and emerging trends in affordable housing appropriate to the needs of Wake County, urban design strategies for Read more
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