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Organizations & Programs

Local Providers

Builders of Hope
Builders of Hope relocates and renovates donated houses slated for demolition to create affordable communities. Foreclosed and vacant homes are upfit with green energy systems for sustainability and economy as affordable rentals.

CASA: Community Alternatives for Supportive Abodes
CASA is a private nonprofit organization that builds and manages affordable housing in Wake, Orange, and Durham Counties. CASA specializes in providing housing for the disabled.

City of Raleigh
Through the Community Development Department, the City of Raleigh works to provide affordable housing throughout the city. The CDD partners with numerous community agencies to fund programs for special populations housing, neighborhood revitalization projects, low and moderate-income, first-time home buyers, very low income renters, and other housing needs.

Downtown Housing Improvement Corporation (DHIC)
DHIC is a private, non-profit housing development company that provides affordable housing and related services to Triangle residents.

Firm Foundations Community Services
Firm Foundations is a nonprofit organization that rehabilitates existing homes in Raleigh and Wake County in order to provide affordable housing.

Habitat for Humanity of Wake County
Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, provides opportunities for homeownership for those between 25% and 60% of area median income (AMI). Partnerships with corporations, a large volunteer labor force, and participation of homeowners in the construction process help keep construction costs low.

NC Community Development Initiative|
The NC Development Initiative is a public/private partnership that provides funding to successful community development corporations to support housing initiatives in low resource communities.

NC Housing Coalition
The NC Housing Coalition is a private, nonprofit membership organization that advocates for quality housing for low to moderate income-income residents, persons with disabilities, people in crisis, and fixed-income seniors. The NC Housing Coalition also seeks to educate and involve the public in housing advocacy issues.

NC Housing Finance Agency
The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency is a self-supporting public agency. The Agency’s mission is to create affordable housing opportunities for North Carolinians whose needs are not met by the market. The agency administers the state tax credit program and: offers low-cost mortgages and down payment assistance for qualified home buyers, finances affordable homes and apartments developed by local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private owners; finances the development of housing for people with special needs; finances the rehabilitation of substandard owner-occupied homes; offers foreclosure prevention assistance in partnership with HUD-approved housing counseling agencies statewide; and administers HUD rent assistance contracts for 25,000 privately owned apartments statewide.

Raleigh Housing Authority
The RHA provides quality affordable housing for Raleigh residents; it currently owns and manages over 2000 units of housing.

Wake County Housing and Community Revitalization
The Housing and Community Revitalization (HCR) Division provides affordable housing opportunities in Wake County through housing rehabilitation in existing neighborhoods, property acquisitions for development rental housing, rental housing, development, and community revitalization initiatives.

State Wide Providers

Self-Help is a community development lender and real estate developer offering loans to underserved communities and individuals for the promotion of homeownership and small business opportunities. Self-Help also revitalizes properties to promote neighborhood growth, and offers socially responsible investment opportunities throughout North Carolina.

Housing Policy
Housing Policy is an online guide to state and local policy. It’s purpose is to collect and provide examples of solutions for expanding the availability of homes for working families and others in the community.

National Providers

Enterprise Community Partners
Enterprise develops and maintains affordable housing in communities and partners with various organizations to build communities.

AARP Housing Choices
AARP provides descriptions of various affordable housing choices available to older adults. is a federal government program that links to federal, state and local government agencies to find information on government programs including affordable and accessible housing.

Architecture for Humanity
Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit design service firm that connects professional volunteering their time and expertise to help those who cannot afford their services.

National Housing Conference
The NHC is a nonprofit dedicated to helping ensure safe, decent and affordable housing is available in all America.

International Providers

Affordable Housing Institute
Affordable Housing Institute is a developer of affordable housing communities worldwide. Through collaboration with selected social enterprises they help them grow from small groups to professional businesses that can sustain themselves.

Affordable Housing Advocates

The ARC of North Carolina: Housing Resource Department
The ARC of North Carolina works to provide housing options to North Carolinians with disabilities and their families.

National Low Income Housing Coalition
NLIHC advocates achieving socially just public policy that aims to provide people with the lowest incomes affordable homes.

National Multi Housing Council
NMHC is a national association that represents apartment firms in the US, actively working to shape legislation in public policy relating to all aspects of housing.

Institute for Human Centered Design
IHCD is a NGO that works to advance the role of design to expand opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

IDA and Asset-Building Collaborative of NC
The Collaborative is a private statewide nonprofit working to build economic security for North Carolina families.

NC Association of Community Development Corporations
NCACDC is a nonprofit organization that coordinates and supports a network of community development corporations in NC. CDC’s work to eliminate poverty by supporting the economic self-reliance of communities and individuals.

The NC Coalition to End Homelessness
The NC Coalition to End Homelessness is a statewide nonprofit organization advocating for resources and policy changes necessary to eliminate the root causes of homelessness.

NC Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS)
DAAS provides resources for seniors, including housing, and helps communities plan and prepare for the unique needs of aging populations.

North Carolina Division of Community Assistance
NC Division of Community Assistance provides economic and planning support for community improvement initiatives, including housing programs.

Passage Home
Passage Home is a faith-based, nonprofit community development corporation advocating for intervention in key areas, including housing, in economically challenged neighborhoods.

Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF)
The Building and Social Housing Foundation is an independent research group that advocates sustainable and innovative development centered on a belief that all people should have access to decent housing. 

Citizens Housing Planning Council (CPHC)
CPHC is a non-profit research organization that works to improve housing and neighborhood conditions within the City of New York.

The Affordable Housing Design Advisor
The Affordable Housing Design Advisor is part of the US department of Housing and Urban Development.

Global Green USA
Global Green USA’s program Greening Affordable Housing Initiative (GAHI) promotes the design and construction of affordable sustainable homes.

University Programs

Center for Architecture and Building Science Research
A research and training institute through the College of Architecture and Design with NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology); it works to improve knowledge of build environment and the enhancement of quality of life.

Minimum Cost Housing Group
MCHG of the McGill University School of Architecture is a research group focusing internationally on human settlement problems of the poor.

Design Matters
Design Matters is a catalog created by the University of Illinois at Chicago of exemplary affordable housing projects located throughout the U.S.

Housing and Demographic Research Center (HDRC)
The University of Georgia HDRC provides housing and demographic information about Georgia.

Joint Center for Housing Studies
The Joint Center for Housing Studies is located at Harvard University’s School of Design and Kennedy School of Government. Their goal is to research and gather information on housing within the United States. Each year they issue The State of the Nation’s Housing.

The Affordable Homes Program
The Affordable Homes Program is a graduate studies program through the McGill School of Architecture. The program goals are to teach, research and create outreach programs based on the research.

Housing Affordability Initiative (HAI)
HAI is a part of the MIT Center for Real Estate. Their aim to improve the built environment as well as provide research on housing policy in the Boston Metropolitan area.

Pennsylvania Housing Research/Resource Center
The Pennsylvania Housing Center is a part of Pennsylvania State University. The Center works to improve the quality and affordability of housing in Pennsylvania.

Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing, University of Florida
The Shimberg Center facilitates the provision of affordable housing throughout Florida.

Virginia Center for Housing Research
The Center is a part of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s Research Division, their mission is to provide interdisciplinary study and research on housing in Virginia.

ASU Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family
Through research, the Stardust Center works to raise public awareness on the need for affordable homes.

Innovative Programs and Partnerships

Affordable Housing Development Competition
Federal Housing Loan Bank Boston competition pairs graduate students with affordable housing developers to address the needs of the organizations and develop a proposal.

Additional Resources

DataPlace is an online resource for housing and demographic data about communities, regions and nation wide.