Micro Housing for Homeless and Disabled Veterans

Veteran homelessness is a state and national problem. The North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness has a particular focus on ending veteran homelessness in North Carolina. One contemporary solution to veteran homelessness are micro house villages. Micro houses are small, complete, single dwellings that range from 150 – 400 square feet. Micro house villages are groupings of micro houses on a single property that allow residents to live independently, while benefitting from supportive services.

The Micro Housing for Homeless + Disabled Veterans was a research and design project conducted by the School of Architecture, NC State University and sponsored by the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness. Faculty and graduate students produced research on veteran homelessness and support services, conducted research on precedents and best practices of micro housing, micro house villages, supportive housing, and manufactured housing, engaged with various constituencies, and designed prototypical micro house villages for a range of sites in the Triangle area. The program for the project included housing units, a supportive services building, and associated landscape areas, and incorporated accessibility and other special needs of homeless and disabled veterans. National experts on micro house villages and local affordable housing providers and advocates participated in the project.



Thomas Barrie, AIA, Professor of Architecture

David Hill, AIA, Professor of Architecture, Chair: School of Architecture


Project Sponsor

Terry Allebaugh, North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness


Project Research Assistant

Alyssa Dohler, Masters of Architecture student


Visiting Critics

Davin Hong, Living Design Lab, Baltimore , MD

Omar Hakeem, Design Director: bcWorkshop, Dallas, TX


Advisory Committee

Sarah Desmarais,  Associate Professor of Psychology, CHASS

Andy Fox,  Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

David Harris,  Wake County Human Services Housing Division

Mary Haskett,  Professor of Psychology, CHASS

David Maurer,  Maurer Architecture

Lewis Sadler,  Sadler Construction/Wake County Home Builders Association)

Jeff Smith,  Military and Veterans Programs Liaison, NC Dept. of Health and Human Services

Abbie Szymanski,  Executive Director, Partnership to End Homelessness



Austin Corriher, Ross Davidson, Alyssa Dohler, Kal Fadem, Ryan Kilgarron, Katie O’Campo, Justin McNair,

Elenor Methuen, Amelia Murphy, Scott Needham, Nicole Simeonsson



ARCHITECT Magazine 2019 Studio Prize


• Finalist: AIA 2019 Film Challenge


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Micro Housing for Homeless and Disabled Veterans



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Prefabricated Housing

Tiny House Villages

Tiny Houses   


Selected Projects

Micro Retreat_Raleigh

Wandering Paths_Raleigh

Micro Community_Durham

Micro Housing_Durham

Rest and Retreat_Wendell

Rural Refuge_Wendell