Person Street Project

The Person Street Project was a research and design project conducted by faculty and senior students from the School of Architecture at NC State University fall semester 2011. The semester-long project focused on the Person Street commercial area near downtown Raleigh and adjacent to the Oakwood and Mordecai residential and historic districts. The studio incorporated contemporary urban design issues with a particular emphasis on mixed-use, pedestrian-scaled urban villages. The project included research on contemporary urbanism, mixed-use development, and existing city studies and development plans; the urban and streetscape design for the Person Street neighborhood; a market survey of the project area; and the design of a mixed-use, housing project for the development sites at the north end of Person Street. The project was conducted at the College of Design’s Downtown Design Studio, and included a number of public presentations. The Community Partners included the Person Street Partnership and the Raleigh Urban Design Center. Project funding was provided by the Person Street Partnership, and the Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood. The project concluded with an exhibition at an empty storefront space on Person Street.

Images (from top to bottom):

1) No No Martinez, 2) Chris Wells, 3 & 4) Community Exhibition, 5) Daniel Miguez, 6) Green Urbanism Team Proposal, 7) Group Shot, 8) No No Martinez, 9) Placemaking Team Proposal, 10) Streetscape Team Proposal