The Value of Design in Affordable Housing Symposium

Presented by: The College of Design Office of Research, Extension and Engagement, in conjunction with the College of Design Urban Design Forum, February 20 2008

The 2009 College of Design Affordable Housing Symposium included presentations by nationally recognized experts in affordable housing and responses by local housing advocates and providers – to explore best practices appropriate to North Carolina. Its target audience was local practitioners, affordable housing financers and providers, city officials and students and it was attended by over 70 participants. The conference organizers were Thomas Barrie, AIA: Affordable Housing + Sustainable Communities Initiative, Georgia Bizios, FAIA: Home Environments Design Initiative, and Celen Pasalar, Extension Specialist: Director of the College of Design’s Downtown Design Studio. The symposium was funded by the NC State Office of Research, Extension and Economic Development, the City of Raleigh Community Development Department, and the City of Raleigh Department of City Planning. ($7,000).