The Stone’s Warehouse Redevelopment Project for Southeast Raleigh

The Stone’s Warehouse Redevelopment Project was a research and design project conducted by faculty and graduate students from the School of Architecture. Nationally recognized experts in housing participated in the project including Roberta Feldman, Professor of Architecture, The University of Illinois Chicago and Michael Fifield, Professor of Architecture, the University of Oregon. The project included a number of public presentations and a public exhibition at the Raleigh Urban Design Center. The project was funded by the City of Raleigh Department of City Planning ($20,000). The results were documented and provided to the city to assist their revitalization efforts in Southeast Raleigh.

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Images (from top to bottom):

1) Tim Kaiser, 2) Perrin Walker, 3) Dan Stanislaw, 4) Katharine Ball, 5) M. Fifield Community Presentation, 6) midterm review, 7) Mike Spangenberg, 8) Stones group, 9) Tim Kiser, 10) Urban Analysis Group Project